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Amsterdam Sweetheart
Thumb 180 plant daucus carota ssp sativus amsterdam sweetheart 1 30
Botanical name Daucus carota
Variations Amsterdam
Amsterdam Forcing
Availability Unspecified
Days to maturity Unspecified
Taste Sweet
Texture Unspecified
Root Orange
Flesh Orange
Height Up to 25 cm.

Site Ph. 6,5-7,5
Care Unspecified
Harvest May-Semptember

Recipes Recipes with Amsterdam Sweetheart
Farming guide Amsterdam Sweetheart farming guide
Gallery Pictures of Amsterdam Sweetheart

Amsterdam Sweetheart is a variation of Amsterdam. It is slightly sweeter than Amsterdam.


Nothing is known about the history of Amsterdam Sweetheart.


Amsterdam Sweetheart is a western carrot, however it is unknown where it is originally from.


Amsterdam Sweetheart has long, blunt-tipped orange roots.


Amsterdam Sweetheart has a sweet taste.


Amsterdam Sweetheart is great as a snack and in salads.


Amsterdam Sweetheart is a variation of Amsterdam. It is slightly sweeter and longer than Amsterdam.

Western Carrots


Eastern Carrots


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