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Botanical name Arracacia xanthorrhiza
Variations None
Availability Unspecified
Days to maturity 10-12 months
Taste See Taste
Texture Unspecified
Height Unspecified

Site Unspecified
Care Unspecified
Harvest January-September

Recipes Recipes with Arracacha
Farming guide Arracacha farming guide
Gallery Pictures of Arracacha

Arracacha is a plant in the Apiaceae Family.


Arracacha was imported to Brazil in the 19th, and has been grown commercially since 1960.


Arracacha is originally from Brazil. It is commercially grown in most of the world today.


Arracacha's leaves resembles parsley, and the roots look like a small, fat carrot.


If boiled, arracacha tastes of a blend of cabbage, celery and roast chestnuts.


Arracacha can be used as a side, in the same way as potato.


There is none known variations of arracacha.

Apiaceae Family
Apiaceae Family


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