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Autumn King
Carrot Autumn King
Botanical name Daucus carota
Variations Flakee
Availability Fall through spring
Days to maturity 70
Taste Mild
Texture Crisp
Root Bright orange
Flesh Red
Height 25 to 30 cm.

Site PH. 6,5-7,5
Care Moderate water needs
Harvest Late summer

Recipes Recipes with Autumn King
Farming guide Autumn King farming guide
Gallery Pictures of Autumn King

Autumn King is a mild carrot.


Nothing is known about Autumn King's history.

Autumn King has been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit.


Autumn King is a western carrot, however it is unknown where it is originally from.


Autumn King has splendid, long roots, that are a bright orange color.


Autumn King has a very light flavor and a crisp texture.


Due to Autumn King's mild flavor, it is great in most dishes.


Flakee is a variation of Autumn King.

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Eastern Carrots


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