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Belgian White
Botanical name Daucus carota
Variations None
Availability All year
Days to maturity 85-90
Taste Mild
Texture Tender
Root White with green shoulder
Flesh White
Height 30-60 cm.

Site Unspecified
Care Unspecified
Harvest Winter

Recipes Recipes with Belgian White
Farming guide Belgian White farming guide
Gallery Pictures of Belgian White

Belgian White is a carrot.


Belgian White was first introduced in 1839, by Henri Vilmorin, and was originally prefered over the orange carrot.


It is unknown where Belgian White originally is from, however Belgium or France are very likely.

Belgian White is a western carrot.


Belgian White has long, white roots. They have a sharp end, with light-green shoulders.


Belgian White has a mild flavor. It has a tender texture and is almost coreless.


Due to its mild flavor, Belgian White is great for vegetable soups and nearly all dishes with carrots.


There is no known variations of Belgian White.

Western Carrots


Eastern Carrots


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