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Gray's Angelica
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Botanical name Angelica grayi
Variations See List of Angelica
Height 30-90 cm.

Recipes Recipes with Angelica
Farming guide Angelica farming guide
Gallery Pictures of Angelica

Gray's Angelica is a species of Angelica, from the Apiaceae Family.


Nothing is known about the history of Gray's Angelica.


Angelica can be found in most forrests.


The flowers of Gray's Angelica are grey-green, sitting in bunches on each their shank. The shank resembles celery.

The leaves are dark-green, oval and sitting on a very light green shank.


Like most other members of the angelica family, Gray's Angelica can be used as a herb.


See List of Angelica.

Apiaceae Family
Apiaceae Family


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