The following is the nutrition content of Angelica. The numbers may vary from the different types, and this should only be considered default.


Symbol Meaning
Yet to be added
- Does not contain
U Unknown
Contains Contains an unknown amount
0,0 g Might contain in larger doses

Nutrition ContentEdit


Nutrition Amount per 100 g
Calories U
Carbohydrates U
Fat U
Protein U

Fatty AcidsEdit

Nutrition Amount per 100 g
Omega-3 fatty acids U
Omega-6 fatty acids U


Nutrition Amount per 100 g
Betaine U
Choline U
Folate U
Niacin U
Pantothenic Acid U
Riboflavin Contains
Thiamin Contains
Vitamin A U
Vitamin B6 U
Vitamin B12 Contains
Vitamin C U
Vitamin D U
Vitamin E U
Vitamin K U


Nutrition Amount per 100 g
Calcium U
Copper U
Fluoride U
Iron Contains
Magnesium Contains
Manganese U
Phosphorus U
Potassium Contains
Selenium U
Sodium U
Zinc U


Nutrition Amount per 100 g
Cholesterol U
Phytosterols U


Nutrition Amount per 100 g
Alcohol U
Ash U
Caffeine U
Theobromine U
Water U


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